Common Stretching Mistakes To Avoid

Stretching is an activity that eludes most of us. Even if we are active runners, walkers, or weight lifters. When I ask my patients , “Do you stretch?” most look away and mumble. Stretching is something we all want to do and know it is good for us, yet somehow drop it from our exercise routines.

Stretching is a fundamental component of maintaining your overall wellness and not only increases your flexibility and range of motion, but it will also improve your performance in workouts and all physical activity. It's also one of the most important components in preventing and rehabilitating an injury. I was in chiropractic practice for 20 years and one of my primary goals was to improve mobility and range of motion.

When done correctly, stretching can be an important part of you health and wellness routine. However, stretching mistakes are very common and improper technique can lead to injury and pain.