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Hi, I'm Dr. Angela Walk. I am a sports chiropractic physician in Nashville, Tennessee. I specialize in foot and gait analysis and I am in my 25th year of private practice. I am the author and creator of The Plantar Fasciitis Home Recovery Guide.

My goal for writing this guide is to help as many people suffering from plantar fasciitis and arm you with the tools you need to effectively treat Plantar Fasciitis at home.

About 10years ago, one of my patients was training for our annual Music City Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee and developed plantar fasciitis.

I began treating her with the traditional protocols that had worked for most of my patients in the past. However, Lauren's condition wasn't improving and it only seemed to get worse. This forced me to dig deeper into disorders of the foot and lower extremity.

I discovered some new information that changed what I knew about how to treat plantar fasciitis effectively. I learned that plantar fasciitis was more closely related to a tendinopathy and less of an inflammatory condition. We altered our treatment protocols and Lauren's condition began to improve immediately. We included targeted strengthening exercises and progressive loading, and addressed her footwear. We were thrilled with her progress.

She shared her experience with her running group and out of those 100-150 runners, 4 or 5 had plantar fasciitis. My new treatment protocol resolved their foot issues as well. I began getting more and more referrals for foot, gait and lower extremity conditions an it became a specialty for me.

This program offers a new type of revolutionary technology that can be implemented with a few very specific protocols and easy lifestyle changes. My patients can do it, and so can YOU! ​ Wishing you health & happiness, Dr. Angela

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