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 Learn How To Resolve 
Plantar Fasciitis At Home
With My 6-Step Roadmap 

Let's Get You Moving

Dr. Angela's



Learn the exact steps to resolve plantar fasciitis at home with my step-by step video series. 


Regular Price $249.00

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Here's What You Get:



6 Lesson Video

Series With Dr. Angela



Video Demonstrations of Exercises, Stretches & Massage Techniques

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Daily Strengthening & Mobility Protocol Worksheets



Daily Pain Relief Routine to Promote Fast Healing

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Direct Chat with Dr. Angela for Questions & Encouragement

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"My purpose, my life's work is wrapped up in this program"

I have worked with thousands of patients all over the world with severe plantar fasciitis. I have been testing and perfecting this protocol for over a decade.


Most of the information out there regarding plantar fasciitis is incorrect. This will have you wasting weeks, months, and even years on outdated tactics and misguided information that only give you symptom relief.


Orthotics, night splints, rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle, endless calf stretches, cortisone shots, and cushiony shoes are some of the biggest mistakes people make with plantar fasciitis. 


All of these methods are short-term band-aids and do not produce lasting results. You may be pulling your hair out trying to sort through all the conflicting information.


I'm here to make this easy for you. I am ready to hold your hand and walk you through how to resolve this debilitating condition.


I'm obsessed with helping people return to the activities they love and enjoy life again. It's my purpose. It's my whole life's work wrapped up in one program and I'd love to help you in any way I can. 

This program offers a new type of revolutionary technology that can be implemented with a few very specific protocols and easy lifestyle changes.

What if you could start each day pain free?  What would that mean to you?


Stick around and see what a difference these methods can make for you.

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Benefits Of The Program

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Foot & Heel

Pain Relief

Simple 5-7 Minute Daily Routine

Rehab In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Doctor On-Call 

  • Your first steps in the morning are excruciating

  • You have stabbing pain in your heel or other areas of your feet

  • You have sharp pain walking barefoot

  • You have tried EVERYTHING and feel hopeless

  • You are confused by everything you read online

  • You have followed your doctors advice, but you are still in pain

  • You are tired of buying more and more shoes

  • You are sick of spending money on orthotics that do not help

  • Your job requires you to spend the day on your feet

  • Your feet ache at the end of the day 

  • You are working through my free guide, but need more help

  • You are a runner or walker and are desperate to get back to it

  • You are overweight, and ready to crush your fitness goals

  • You just feel stuck and are constantly in pain

  • You have flat feet and want to restore your arches

  • You have had PF for YEARS  and need a real solution 

  • You are ready to get your life back

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Who Is This Program For?

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Join today for only $149

Ready To Get Your Life Back?

Sign Up Now And Get Instant Access 

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • you feel stuck and ready to give up. 

  • it shouldn't be this hard to get rid of foot pain

  • you feel like you're missing something

  • you feel hopeless and frustrated 

  • you've lost your motivation   

  • you are afraid you will never get better 

  • you are unable to play with your children or grandchildren 

  • you have tried other treatment options, but still have heel pain 

Here's What You'll Learn:

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What shoe brands to wear and those to avoid.




The importance of foot strength and what exercises really work.



How tight calf muscles can lead to plantar fasciitis.



How to remove fascial adhesions in the foot and calf.

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Why barefoot walking is good for plantar fasciitis.

What Others Are Saying

Alexa Young, CA

“I had PF for 3 years. I had given up. Dr. Angela's program was different than anything I had tried. I thought "what the heck". So happy I did. I've had 3 months without pain. I am back to running again. Don't wait like I did. Her program was easy to follow and implement."

David James, AL

"Dr. Angela is a great teacher. She has a fun accent and is easy to listen to. I gave up my orthotics and Hokas like she said, and changed to Altras. I started walking barefoot for the first time in years. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to be out of pain."

Doris Driver, MI

"I downloaded Dr. Angela's free guide, and it was very informative and helpful, however, I just needed more help and videos of the exercises. I purchased her video series, and never looked back. I sent Dr. Angela an email to thank her for allowing me to play with my grandson again." 

4 Ways This Program Can Help


Targets The
Underlying Cause Of Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Angela's program focuses on correcting the weakness and deficiencies in your feet and lower leg. Short-term band-aids

such as orthotics, cushiony shoes, and cortisone injections are ineffective and do not produce lasting results. 


Teaches You What

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there about plantar fasciitis. Dr. Angela helps you avoid making your condition worse by

arming you with the latest insights, and the most effective protocols  that actually work. 


 Restores Foot Function
With Daily Strength
& Mobility Protocols 

Restoring healthy foot function is the ONLY way to truly resolve PF. Shockwave therapy, night splints, and rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle do not increase strength and mobility. 


Allows You To Return To
The Activities You
Love & Get Your Life Back

Plantar fasciitis is a debilitating condition and

can rob you of enjoying the activities you love. This program offers lasting

results to get rid of

PF for good. Are you ready

to get back to doing the things you love?

How This Program Was Developed

Sports Facility

About 15 years ago, one of my patients was training for our annual Music City Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee and developed plantar fasciitis. 


I began treating her with the traditional protocols that had worked for most of my patients in the past. However, Lauren's condition wasn't improving, and it only seemed to be getting worse.


This forced me to dig deeper into disorders of the foot and lower extremity. I discovered some new information that changed what I knew about how to treat plantar fasciitis effectively.


I learned that plantar fasciitis was more closely related to a tendinopathy and less of an inflammatory condition. I also learned that footwear with narrow toe boxes and heel elevation was a primary cause. 


We altered our treatment protocols and Lauren's condition began to improve immediately.


Here's what we stopped doing:


I stopped telling her to ice her foot

I stopped telling her to stretch her calf muscles like mad with static stretching

I told her to ditch her orthotics

Here's what we started doing:

We transitioned her to running shoes with a wide toe box 

We started fascial release on her plantar fascia, calf muscles, and achilles

We included targeted strengthening exercises and progressive loading

We implemented Active Stretching vs. Static Stretching


We were thrilled with her progress.   


She shared her experience with her running group and out of those 100-150 runners, 4 or 5 had plantar fasciitis.  My new treatment protocol resolved their foot issues as well. I began getting more and more referrals for foot, gait and lower extremity conditions an it became a specialty for me. 

One of the runners had a son in college in Georgia. He played soccer and had developed plantar fasciitis. She asked if I could coach/treat  him virtually or send him the information so that he could start the program. 

I wrote out each step and sent him the specific stretches, exercises and other rehab techniques for him to follow.  It was through this process that my Plantar Fasciitis Home Recovery Program was born. 

This program offers a new type of revolutionary technology that can be implemented with a few very specific protocols and easy lifestyle changes. My patients can do it, and so can YOU!

Wishing you health & happiness, 
Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela's



Learn the exact steps to resolve plantar fasciitis at home with my step-by step video series. 


Regular Price $249.00

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