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Dr. Angela is in network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Health Care, and Cigna


Dr. Angela uses chiropractic care, Myofascial Release Technique and rehabilitative exercises to treat many musculoskeletal conditions.  

The combination of joint manipulation and Myofascial Release Technique enables the physician to address both soft tissue and bone/structural problems. Dr. Angela is also trained in the Graston Technique which uses a stainless steel instrument to aid in scar tissue removal and soft tissue healing and restoration. Dr. Angela's post-graduate training includes Advanced Nutrition, Sports Rehabilitation, Myofascial Release Technique, Graston Technique, and hormone management.


Dr. Angela believes in the importance of educating patients on the cause of their condition and how to best prevent recurrences in the future. This includes home care instructions for their current injury (heat, cold, stretching etc), healthy workstation guidance as well as good habits for long-term health (diet, physical activity, sleep and stress management). 


Unlike many chiropractic offices, we do not prescribe long-term treatment plans. Our goal is to relieve pain, increase motion, and promote healing as quickly as possible. We believe patients deserve access to the highest level of integrated care and that is why we go well beyond the normal chiropractic protocols.


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