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What Supplements Should I Take For Plantar Fasciitis?

Best supplements for plantar fasciitis Dr. Angela Walk

I have spent countless hours reviewing the research around nutrition and how it affects soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) health and healing especially the plantar fascia.

The primary focus of this article is to share with you what supplements aid in promoting recovery and healing of plantar fasciitis.

I specialize in foot and gait mechanics and I have treated thousands hundreds of cases of plantar fasciitis. I often recommend supplementation to encourage natural healing.

The supplements that I have tested and recommended for my patients with plantar fasciitis are turmeric, magnesium, vitamin D3, calcium and collagen protein.

In this article, I will share with you the benefits of each of these supplements and how they aid in muscle, joint and fascia recovery.

Dr. Angela Walk

The Plantar Fasciitis Doc

Foot & Gait Mechanics

Does Turmeric Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

Does turmeric help plantar fasciitis? Dr. Angela Walk

Turmeric has long been recognized for its ability to fight inflammation and reduce pain, making it great for the initial inflammatory phase of plantar fasciitis.

Turmeric is used in cooking, but it is the pigment of turmeric, called curcumin, that contains the greatest anti-inflammatory properties.

Many studies have indicated that the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin are even more effective than those found in many prescription drugs and over-the-counter pain killers.

The health benefits of turmeric prove invaluable in diminishing inflammation in the body and has quickly become my most recommended supplement for my PF patients.

The supplement I recommend has curcumin, boswellia serrata extract (frankincense), bromelain, ginger and other powerful anti-inflammatories. Take a look at those ingredients here.

Does Magnesium Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Does magnesium help plantar fasciitis? Dr. Angela Walk

Magnesium is a very important mineral that helps the body regulate muscle and nerve function. It is also a vital nutrient in managing plantar fasciitis and foot health.

The body needs magnesium in order to properly absorb calcium. Studies have shown that many of those suffering with plantar fasciitis have chronic magnesium deficiency which compromises the body's ability to use calcium resulting in conditions such as bursitis and PF.

Magnesium helps to reduce inflammation and calm aches and pains. I have heard many stories of long-standing plantar fasciitis sufferer’s symptoms suddenly diminishing after taking a magnesium supplement.

Magnesium is also present in Epsom salt and that is one reason that Epsom salt baths are so helpful.

What Type Of Magnesium For Plantar Fasciitis?

The best type of magnesium to take for plantar fasciitis is magnesium glycinate. It is the most effective type to reduce muscle spasms, ease aches and pains, and helps relax contracted muscles and fascia.

I recommend taking 300-500mg of magnesium glycinate daily.

Does Vitamin D Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Vitamin D deficiency commonly presents with widespread aches, weakness, and tiredness. If I have a patient with chronic musculoskeletal pain, I often suspect a Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium and ultimately affects bone mass. Low levels of calcium or vitamin D can leads to bone diseases and conditions, including heel spurs.

Plantar fasciitis was once believed to be as the result of heel spurs, it stood to reason that consuming more vitamin D and calcium could prevent the formation of heel spurs and subsequently, plantar fasciitis.

However, we now know that heel spurs are not the cause of plantar fasciitis, although they sometimes occur at the same time.

Vitamin D deficiencies are not associated directly to the cause of plantar fasciitis, however, it is one of the most common supplements I recommend for recurring muscle & joint disorders.

Plus, it has so many benefits and is the most common vitamin deficiency in the US. I recommend vitamin D3. It is the most effective type of vitamin D and helps with immunity, hormone balance, energy, bone health, and more!

Does Calcium Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Does calcium help plantar fasciitis? Dr. Angela Walk

Your body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly.

Studies suggest that calcium, along with vitamin D, have the greatest benefits on bone and joint health, so supplementing with calcium can support those with PF.

Also, adequate calcium levels may prevent the development of heel spurs which can further aggravate plantar fasciitis.

The type of calcium supplement I recommend is a combination of Magnesium and Calcium. It has the greatest benefit for those who suffer with PF or heel pain.

Does Collagen Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Does collagen help plantar fasciitis? Dr. Angela Walk

Your plantar fascia is 70% collagen. Your body actually makes its own collagen, but that diminishes as we age. It is also reduced with intense physical activity.

Our typical modern diets provide us less collagen peptides than our body's require, so supplementing is necessary.

Collagen has been shown in study after study to help with other connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, overuse injuries, skin conditions and many other conditions involving connective tissue including plantar fasciitis.

We are in the beginning stages of learning the connection between collagen and plantar fasciitis. Studies suggests that collagen may have a unique remodeling effect on damaged collagen and fascia cells and may provide the fundamental building blocks for repairing damaged tissues.

I recommend collagen to most of my patients with muscle, joint & fascia pain. I prefer the liquid collagen as it is absorbed more quickly. Other benefits include support for gut health, skin, nail, and hair strength.

Can I Treat Plantar Fasciitis At Home?

If you have this debilitating condition, here are my top 3 recommendations.

  1. Download my free guide. This is the first step on your PF recovery journey. I show you the exact steps to resolve plantar fasciitis at home.

  2. Follow my social media pages. I offer daily tips, exercises, and the latest insights on PF. You can also connect and learn from others with the same struggles. Join us: Facebook page & Instagram

  3. Take a look at my approved footwear guide. Dr. Angela's Recommended Shoe List and make sure you are not sabotaging your recovery with wearing the wrong shoes.

Because there is a so much misinformation out there about plantar fasciitis, I spend most of my time educating people on what NOT to do.

Most rehabilitation efforts fail because they are relying on cortisone shots, night splints, orthotics, ineffective stretching, thick, cushiony shoes, and rolling on a frozen water bottle.

These methods are either ineffective or just short-term band-aids, and do not provide long-term correction.

In my (6) step free guide, I offer solutions through addressing multiple factors. Improving footwear, identifying areas of weakness in the foot and ankle, and restoring proper foot function.


Dealing with the pain of plantar fasciitis can be life changing--but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

By arming yourself with knowledge and taking charge of your healing, you can get back to the activities you love and feel like yourself again.

If you have additional questions about heel pain and plantar fasciitis, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help get you back on your feet--literally.

Best of Health,

Dr. Angela

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