Are Canker Sores Contagious?

Are canker sores contagious? Dr. Angela Walk

Have your ever had a painful sore in your mouth that just doesn't seem to go away? Does it cause burning and tingling while eating certain foods and even with talking?

That sounds like a troublesome canker sore. As a natural physician, I am often asked about health concerns and how to address them naturally. I have recently had more patients ask, are canker sores contagious?

Contrary to what a lot of people might think, canker sores are NOT contagious and can resolve themselves within a week or two. There is no person-to-person spread. So, you can safely kiss your partner if it's not too painful!

Addressing canker sores naturally is the most effective way to rid yourself of these pesky sores. Natural treatments such as essential oils, proper nutrition, and natural supplements can help to shorten the duration, diminish the pain, and prevent recurrence.

Now that you know that they are not contagious, let's look at what they are, what causes them, and how to get rid of them.

What Are Canker Sores?

What causes canker sores? Dr. Angela Walk

Canker sores are small lesions or ulcers that are found in the mouth at the base of our gums, on the tongue, cheek lining, and inside the lips.

What Are The Symptoms Of Canker Sores?

  • Burning or tingling sensation in the mouth a day prior to the appearance of a sore

  • A small, white or yellow oval-shaped ulcer with a red border

  • Painful or tingling area in the mouth.

  • Pain with eating or drinking certain foods or drinks

  • With more severe or complex canker sores, patients can experience swelling of the lymph nodes, fatigue, or fever

What Causes Canker Sores?

What causes canker sores? Dr. Angela Walk