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Our commitment is to provide healthier, safer, non-toxic products you can trust without the use of harmful chemicals. Each of our combinations are crafted using only clean, green, organic ingredients - like manuka honey, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, Tennessee grown CBD and Hemp, and organically grown essential oils. Designed for healing results using the power of plants!

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Hormone Balance Trio (Set of 3)

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Product Details
  • Hormone Balance Trio includes (3) essential oil blends. Adrenal Reset (adrenal support), Thyroid Solution (thyroid support), and Hormone Balance Blend (menopause & estrogen balance support)
  • Our hormone balance trio offers an essential oil solution to target all three of the most common hormone imbalances. We now know that the thyroid and adrenals are so intricately connected that many of those struggling with thyroid issues also have adrenal stress and don't realize it
  • ADRENAL RESET Blend is a combination of the highest quality oils available and is carefully blended to support healthy cortisol levels, provide adrenal support, support fatigue and increase energy, promote better sleep, and support a healthy immune response.
  • THYROID SOLUTION Blend is a combination of the highest quality and most effective essential oils for thyroid support. This proprietary blend is carefully combined to support a healthy thyroid, help balance metabolism, and promote a healthy immune response.
  • HORMONE BALANCE Blend is a combination of the highest quality and most effective essential oils for menopause and hormone balance support. This proprietary blend is carefully combined to help bring balance to hormones, soothe PMS, calm hot flashes and night sweats, support a healthy sensual energy, help balance mood and help ease agitation
  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, wild crafted and organically grown, GC/MS tested and verified rigorously to ensure purity. Each of our premium blends are packaged in an amber, glass 10 ml roll-on bottle for easy application

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"This Stuff Really Works"

"This stuff really works great. It’s the only all natural Eczema cream  I’ve tried that actually works. I also have sensitive skin and have had no issues. The scent is clean and not overpowering. No more embarrassing dry patches"!


       "I can't rave about this               product enough"


"I'm so grateful I found  Dr. Angela’s Hemorrhoid Spray after I developed hemorrhoids when I had my first child. I have  tried many products with very little relief.  Thank goodness I received it so quickly. First pain! I can’t rave about this stuff enough! I couldn’t sit, couldn’t it’s pain" 


"Thank You, Dr. Angela"


"I have had anxiety for years. I've tried everything from meds to yoga. I finally feel a sense of calming and control over my life. I use the liquid CBD hemp extract daily, but I keep the dark chocolate handy when the stress increases at work. I am also finally able to sleep through the night".  

Our Story

As a wellness physician and holistic nutrition coach, I have worked with countless patients over the years addressing the multi-faceted concerns people face with skin challenges and pain syndromes. I became frustrated with the lack of clean products on the market that were full of harmful chemicals and only focused on symptom relief and not deeper healing. I began crafting products using only organic, plant-based ingredients. I carefully listened to every suggestion from every patient and tried many combinations using the highest quality and smartest ingredients. The result was even better than I expected. Our formulas have powerful individual ingredients, but when combined, provide superfood for the body and skin. My commitment is to inspire others to transform their health and lives with a holistic way of life. This is more than a business for me. It's personal. I've encountered my own health challenges and those of loved ones so I make products for myself and my family - and I am blessed to be able to share them with the world.

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