Dr. Angela G. Walk - Serving the downtown Nashville business district!
         Located in the heart of downtown Nashville,
Downtown Chiropractic Center of Nashville
 has been serving the business district for 13 years.
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Chiropractic Education
www.drangelawalk.com Dr. Angela Walk talks about chiropractic & myofascial release.
Unlike many chiropractic offices, we do not prescribe long-term treatment plans.  Our goal is to increase motion, promote healing, and relieve your pain as quickly as possible.  Dr.   Walk utilizes cutting-edge soft tissue techniques in combination with advanced chiropractic spinal correction to get the most effective and fastest result.
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"As a traveling musician,
I have been to many
chiropractors in many states.
Hands down Dr. Walk is the
best chiropractor I have ever
visited.  This Doc ROCKS"!
Steve M.-Los Angeles, CA
"Dr. Walk is compassionate,
thorough, and most of all
effective. I've had low back
pain on and off for 10 years.
In my first week of care, I
was 70% better and she had
given me valuable info on my
bad computer posture and
core exercises that are
changing my life.
I'm very pleased.
Susan - Nashville, TN
I have had carpal tunnel
symptoms for the last year. 
I tried physical therapy with
only temporary relief.  My
other option was surgery
until I met Dr. Walk. She
relieved my pain in 5 visits. 
Carl M.-downtown Nashville
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