Dr. Angela G. Walk - DR. ANGELA WALK
         Dr. Angela Walk is a wellness physician specializing in chiropractic care, sports rehabilitation,
         advanced nutrition, and analysis and natural treatment of hormone imbalances.

Serving the downtown
business district for 15 years

                                                                                   Why Dr. Angela?
I believe that each patient deserves equally distinctive treatment protocols. We do not prescribe
  long-term treatment plans. My goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and give you the
    tools to stay that way. I utilize cutting-edge soft tissue techniques in combination with  chiropractic spinal correction to get the most effective and fastest result.

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- Hormone balancing/weight loss recipes!

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Dedicated to helping women balance hormones NATURALLY!

Dr. Angela's specialty in hormonal health became a passion because of her own personal experience battling hormonal imbalances in her early 40's. You can read more about her healing journey in her "Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Health" hormone reset guide. My mission is to offer women holistic solutions and empower them to be the best, most vibrant version of themselves.

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