Is Stomach Sleeping Bad For You?

Is stomach sleeping bad for you? Dr. Angela Walk

by Dr. Angela Walk

Health & Wellness Physician

As a chiropractor, one of the most frequently asked questions from my patients is, is stomach sleeping bad for me"?

During my initial consultation, I ask detailed questions regarding sleeping positions and what type of pillow and mattress they are using.

These inquiries are incredibly important in reaching a proper diagnosis and identifying what may have contributed to the neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, or jaw pain that brought them into my office for treatment.

Poor sleeping posture can be damaging to your health and spine especially if you are sleeping on your stomach.

So, the short answer to this question would be: yes, stomach sleeping is bad for you. Stomach sleeping can create many health concerns. First of all, sleeping in a prone position/face down puts an incredible amount of torque on your cervical spine/neck and lower back due to the prolonged rotation.

Overtime, this creates shifting of the joints of the spine and puts a strain on the muscles and can lead to neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, lower back pain and other mechanical pain syndromes.

Now that you understand that stomach sleeping can be unhealthy for your spine, let's answer some of the other questions you may have about stomach sleeping.

What Problems Can Stomach Sleeping Cause?

Since you spend over one-third of your life in bed, your sleep position plays a crucial role in supporting your overall health.

In other words, the position you sleep in can have a direct impact on your spine health, but also your health in general. And considering that the average adult spends about 6-8 hours a night sleeping in a fairly routine position, that’s quite a load to bear over time.

Can Stomach Sleeping Cause Neck Pain?